9 Fantastically Different Types of RV

One of the most popular activities outdoor enthusiasts love is traveling the country with their RV. The exciting thing about this adventure is the different types of RVs that people can choose to navigate their adventures. But, maybe you are new to the RV world and are not 100% sure what kind of RV will suit you the best. This blog will be exploring the different types of RVs available to explore the world and what benefits you can expect from each one.

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Our Top Choices For The Best Wheel Cleaner Brushes In 2020

What do you usually use when cleaning the wheels and tires in your ride? If you’re like most people, you probably use an old, beaten up towel or a dirty sponge. Besides, the wheels and tires are the dirtiest parts of a vehicle, which is a result of being closer to the ground – so why not use an ordinary cleaning sponge, right?

Well, if you really love your car, nothing beats the effortless cleansing action of a wheel cleaning brush. When used in conjunction with the best wheel cleaners, you can clean, degrease, and decontaminate the wheels in your car in half the time. 

Best of all, you can do it with minimal elbow grease. Using a proper wheel brush also prevents scratches and marring on polished, painted, or stainless alloy wheels. Those thin bristles and long handles are designed to clean your wheel on both the inside and outside, and you can do it without removing each wheel from the hub. 

If you haven’t tried using a wheel brush to clean your car wheels, now is the perfect time to start. With that being said, here are our top choices for the best wheel cleaner brushes.

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Our Top Choices For Best Wheel Cleaners In 2020

For normal car guys, wheel cleaners are most often considered as an afterthought. True enough, you can use ordinary dish soap to clean both steel and alloy wheels, and you can use a spray gun to clean the wheels using ordinary car shampoo. But this only holds true when removing dirt and grime.

And when it comes to cleaning wheels, dirt is not the primary concern. Brake dust and other metallic contaminants can literally bake on your expensive wheels. If you see a lot of black specs on your alloys, you’re most likely dealing with brake dust. And while removing deep-seated contaminants is not exactly a walk in the park, using the best wheel cleaners will make the job easier.

Here are our top choices for the best wheel cleaners.

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What Is A CV Joint And What Does It Do?

CV joint stands for constant velocity joint and they are primarily used in front-wheel drive vehicles while some rear-wheel-drive vehicles typically use them at the end of rear axle half shafts. It is a form of mechanical coupling in which the rotational speed of input and output shaft remains the same no matter what the operating angle of the joint is.

The axle or drive shaft in the vehicles is required to accomplish two jobs:

  • Be able to transmit power to the wheels.
  • Travel with the suspension as it cushions the bumps.

This gets even complicated in case of front-wheel drive vehicles where articulation angles are higher because of steerable wheels. With a wide range of variable angles by suspension travel and wheel steering, the axle has to act flexibly. Hence the vehicle employs inboard and outboard CV joint to permit the effective length of the side shaft to change simultaneously allowing torque transfer through a wide-angle. In rear-wheel-drive applications, operating angles are much lower.

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How To Remove Scratches From Car Windshield

When it comes to removing scratches from your car’s windshield, you can only do so much before ruining the whole thing altogether. You see, it’s almost impossible to get rid of deep scratches on glass. If the scratches in your windshield are more than 50 microns deep, you have two choices: suck it up and live with it or spend enormous money in replacing the entire windshield.

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