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How Long Does A Car Battery Last? What You Need To Know

If you need your car every morning for work and other regular activities, then you will understand that a car battery is an essential consideration for you. However, you might be surprised when the battery turns your light and enjoyable morning sour, especially when it begins to fail its activities. Therefore, to make sure that you are not stuck with your car, waiting to jump-start it, the life of your vehicle battery is significant. So, how long does a car battery last?

What Should You Know About The Lifespan Of Your Car Battery?

Before you consider any option about whether to replace your battery because you doubt it has worn down, here is what you need to know about its lifespan:

1. Battery’s Life Expectancy

Battery’s Life Expectancy


The battery’s life depends on how long it holds its charge as well as its capability of being recharged. Once it has gone to the extent that it cannot be recharged, then it is dead, and you have to go back to the market. Read more about a complete guide on how to choose the best car battery charger.

Various factors will affect the life expectancy of your car battery, including humidity, temperature, and other related environmental conditions. Assuming the battery is in an ideal situation where the temperature is low, no excessive moisture, and then it will last because this is a perfect world for your car.

Under these ideal conditions, you can expect your car battery to go for about six years without wearing down or failing on the way. Averagely, a car battery should last between two years and five years, whether in high or humid temperature and depend on the brand also. However, in case you come from cold climatic areas like the Northern United States, the battery’s lifespan will be longer than expected. It is a warm climate that tends to be increasing the damage of the battery because of the water loss and sulfating issues. Many of the mechanics will be advising you that charging a car battery every two to three years is safer than the other options that most drivers explore.

2. Factors That Contribute To The Wearing Down Of The Car Battery


How car battery is used will affect its lifespan. So, in case you are using your car only for shorter trips, then you are not lucky – your car battery might have a shorter lifespan as compared to someone who makes long trips every day.

Also, the chance that you give your car to charge will be a big determinant of the lifespan of the battery. Make sure your battery recharges for 20 minutes. If you are not giving the battery a chance to recharge fully, then it might be risky because the batter will reach a point that it will not hold a charge.

Maintaining the water level in your car is significant because it will help in extending the lifespan of your battery. Never let the water tank run out of the water. Ensure that all the time your car mechanic checks the battery to measuring its ability in holding a charge. By checking on the battery’s performance, it will be easy to find out if it is time to change it for another new model.

Replace Your Car Battery Before It Leaves You Stranded

Replace a Car Battery

It is ever enjoyable to have a good battery. Unfortunately, the car battery is not able to tell you that it is about to die. This is the reason why sometimes it will seemingly die at the worst times and place you never expected it to do so. For, instance at night, in the rain or just beside the highway on cold windy weather.

From the historical point of reference, car batteries would give an indication when they are in their weak states. However, the ones for today will never show you any evidence – it will work today, and the next time it fails. So have expert knowledge of your battery before it lets you stranded beside the road one day. You should know the exact times that now you have to replace your car battery.

When Should You Replace Your Car Battery?

It is ever a fact that even when your car is ever sitting in the garage, the battery will still age. So, you must still know the exact time to change the battery.

After considering that a good car battery has to last for averagely three to six years and in some climatic conditions, five to seven years, there are various times that you will have to replace the battery now. For instance, in case your car is ever parked for some extended periods of time, then you will have to replace the battery sooner than expected. The battery will last longer only when it is kept fully charged but also avoid overcharging because it can be damaged.

Therefore, after three, five or seven years, depending on your climatic region, you should begin considering to replace the car battery.

How Can You Tell The Car Battery Is Failing?

How Can You Tell The Car Battery Is Failing?

The failing prediction of this equipment will not always be, but some telltale signs will show you. When the battery begins to fail, it will be losing its capacity, meaning that it starts to hold less charge as compared to when it is new.

So, when the battery starts to hold less charge, you will feel it, especially when you are starting the car and the engine tends to be turning slower than before. It will seem like the starter motor is a bit lazy and not willing to turn over the engine.

You may also begin to notice that the interior lights of the car become dimmer and flicker than the typical situations when you are turning the motor over.

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What You Need To Know

It is a fact that your car battery will not last forever. After a period of three, five or seven years your battery will need replacement. So as to maintain its life, we should consider:

  • Driving the car regularly
  • Checking the time battery charging rate
  • ​Keep the vehicle battery case ever clean to avoid other risks
  • ​Avoid jumpstarting the car all the time it fails to start
  • Give the car battery enough time to recharge

Once set to do all the above, then you will be surprised that your car battery makes it to the specified lifespan duration. All the best as you maintain your car battery life.

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