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The Best Spark Plug Wire Sets For Your Vehicle

The spark plug wires are just as important as the spark plugs. Faulty, aging, or worn out wire sets will cause a lot of problems in your vehicle. And if you think the spark plug wires are simply just plain old wires, you better think again.

The best spark plug wire sets are responsible for delivering high-voltage pulses of electricity to the spark plugs. This action ignites the spark plugs to burn the air and fuel mixture. Any disruption to the flow of electricity inside the wire set will significantly affect combustion and engine performance.

However, take note. Spark plug wires are utilized in older vehicles with distributors. Modern vehicles can either come with a coil pack instead of separate wires or an ignition coil for each spark plug. When buying a new spark plug wire set, make sure the kit is an exact fit for your vehicle.

Product NameQualityPriceOur Rating
NGK Spark Plug Wire Set A $$  4.7 stars
AC Delco Professional Spark Plug Wire Set A $$  4.5 stars
Denso Spark Plug Wire Set A- $  4.5 stars
Taylor Cable 8mm High Energy Spark Plug Custom Wire Set A $ 4.6 stars 
JDM Speed 10.5mm High-Performance Spark Plug Wire Set B+ $ 4 stars 
MSD 8.5mm Super Conductor Spark Plug Wire Set A- $$  4 stars
Bosch Premium Spark Plug Wire Set A $$$  4.6 stars
Edelbrock Ultra Spark 50 Plug Wire Set A+ $$$  5 stars

**Below, you’ll find our more detailed reviews, but you can also click the links above to see current prices or read customer reviews on Amazon.

What To Look For In A New Set Of Spark Plug Wires

It’s all about resistance. Those OEM spark plug wires in an older vehicle have a much higher resistance. This also means it limits the amount of electrical charge that is passed on to the spark plugs. But if you want a performance-oriented set of spark plug wires, look for a kit with a lower resistance rating. If you are comparing two or more spark plug wires, check the resistance rating.

What’s The Catch With Low Resistance Spark Plug Wires?

There’s a reason why OEM spark plug wires have higher resistance, and it all boils down to minimizing and reducing RF or radio frequency noise. High-performance solid core spark plug wires are great for performance, tuning, and racing applications. But these type of spark plug wires tends to cause extreme levels of RF interference. They also produce random signals that interfere with other electrical components inside the vehicle.

But for full-on racing cars that don’t carry a lot of electrical components, this should not be an issue. The general rule is to search for the best spark plug wire sets with no less than 500 ohms per foot of wire resistance. This figure strikes the perfect balance in terms of electrical charge with minimal RF noise.

Spark Plug Wire Construction: What Makes A Good Spark Plug Wire?

Spark Plug Wire

Almost all spark plug wires are manufactured using five main components: the center core, suppression layer, insulator, fiberglass braid, and an outer silicone jacket. What you see when you open the hood is the silicone jacket, which may come in a variety of colors. But for most OEM applications, the silicone jacket is black.

With that in mind, the outer silicone jacket should be of the highest quality. It protects the center core and insulator of the wire from heat, oxidation, deterioration, and abrasion. It also adds strength to the wire construction.

8 Best Spark Plug Wire Sets Reviewed

1. NGK Spark Plug Wire Set

NGK is offering this spark plug wire set at $38 for a set of four wires. This is a good choice for subcompact and compact vehicles equipped with smaller four-cylinder motors. Unlike OEM spark plug wires, this NGK Spark Plug Wire Set is equipped with a variable-pitch winding center core. This enables the wire set to deliver ultra-low resistance while suppressing RFI and EMI noise.

The positive locking terminal ends are constructed from corrosion-resistant stainless steel. This ensures a tighter fit and maximum resistance against separation and vibration. This wire set even comes with a blue high-temp silicone outer jacket that resists cracking and fading while adding a sporty style under the hood.

2. AC Delco Professional Spark Plug Wire Set

If your vehicle is equipped with a V8 motor, take a second look at the AC Delco Professional Spark Plug Wire Set. This kit comes with eight spark plug wires for less than $36. Every component in this spark plug wire is optimized to produce maximum spark delivery. This includes the wire length, wire diameter, and wire conductor.

The AC Delco Professional Spark Plug Wire Set features an improved terminal design to offer a tighter and reliable fit. The silicone outer jacket provides excellent resistance to corrosion and extreme temperatures. This spark plug wire set is a brilliant OEM alternative to most American vehicles with V8 motor including the Chevy Silverado and Suburban.

3. Denso Spark Plug Wire Set

This Denso Spark Plug Wire Set offers excellent value. For less than $27, you get four OEM quality spark plug wires for any type of import or domestic vehicle with a four-cylinder motor. Each wire comes with carbon, Kevlar, and fiberglass-reinforced core to offer superior conductivity.

The Denso Spark Plug Wire Set also comes with a durable fiberglass braid and high-temperature silicone jacket that resists heat, cold, moisture, and chemical exposure. Each wire comes with a wire-wound insulation layer to suppress EMI and RFI noise.

4. Taylor Cable 8mm High Energy Spark Plug Custom Wire Set

This Taylor Cable High Energy Spark Plug Wire Set id proof that you can get a quality set of wires without paying too much cash. This particular kit only costs $30 and comes with eight spark plug wires. If you have an older Chevy truck or V8 muscle car, this kit will fulfill your fancy.

Featuring an 8mm center core, silicone boot ends, double spring locks, and oil-resistant insulation, this wire set will increase horsepower and torque without producing too much radio frequency interference.

5. JDM Speed 10.5mm High-Performance Spark Plug Wire Set

If you have a small-block or big-block Chevy motor, check out this JDM Speed High-Performance Spark Plug Wire Set. It offers top-class performance at an affordable price, and that’s a good thing to have in a new set of spark plug wires.

Each wire is constructed using a spiral wound copper conductor with low resistance and high EMI suppression. The wires come with high dielectric strength insulators and heavy glass braids to offer durable performance. It also comes with heavy-duty red silicone jackets and black boots to resist corrosion and physical damage.

6. MSD 8.5mm Super Conductor Spark Plug Wire Set

MSD is a known brand in the aftermarket industry. This 8.5mm Super Conductor Spark Plug Wire Set may be the most expensive in this list, but it carries the MSD name. This product is the only spark plug wire set that utilizes forty feet of conductor wound into a single foot of wire. This enables the wires to deliver the highest EMI/RFI suppression in the world of spark plug wire sets.

MSD also fitted a helically wound copper alloy conductor and ferromagnetic impregnated center core into each wire. This ensures consistent and reliable power delivery for stock and racing applications. The outer sleeve of the wires is crafted from a proprietary compound that offers excellent resistance to heat, chemicals, abrasion, and corrosion.

7. Bosch Premium Spark Plug Wire Set

If you have a European vehicle, chances are the OEM wire sets are manufactured by Bosch. This Bosch Premium Spark Plug Wire Set is the most expensive in this list, but only because you get 12 spark plug wires for $185. And if you think this set is meant for V12 motors, think again. In some Mercedes-Benz vehicles, each cylinder is equipped with two wires, which means 12 wires for a V6 motor.

Bosch utilized stainless steel mag winding in each wire to ensure maximum voltage, stronger sparks, and low radio static. The wires also come with EPDM inner insulation stops to prevent voltage leaks. With snap-lock OEM-style connectors and a 100% silicone jacket, this kit is meant to last for a long time.

​8. Edelbrock Ultra Spark 50 Plug Wire Set

The Edelbrock Ultra Spark Plug Wire Set delivers low resistance with excellent EMI/RFI suppression to deliver the strongest spark. It comes with a Kevlar spiral wound core and heavy-duty 8.5mm silicone jacket to protect the wire from extreme heat, chemicals, and deterioration.

This spark plug wire set is engineered for high-performance motors that demand maximum power output. And while this kit is also a bit costly at around $80 for a set of eight wires, it remains one of the best spark plug wire sets for the money.

Spark Plug Wire Buying Tips

  • For stock engines, OEM spark plug wires are still the best.
  • If you have a tuned or modified engine, upgrading to a better set of spark plug wires will significantly improve performance.
  • Always choose a wire set that is an exact fit for your vehicle. When it comes to spark plug wires, the mantra of “one-size-fits-all” does not hold true.
  • Replace the spark plug wires at least every 30,000 miles. Remember that carmakers consider spark plug wires as a consumable item and will need to be replaced accordingly.

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