Prevent Tire Blooming – How To Clean Car Tires The Right Way

Have you heard of the term ‘tire blooming?’ As pleasant as the word ‘blooming’ may sound, it is actually a bad thing.

Tire blooming is the reaction that occurs when you see brown sidewalls instead of black. It looks like chocolate was smeared all over the front surface of the tire. The result is an ugly and stained appearance.

Contrary to popular belief, tire blooming is not entirely caused by dirt, brake dust, or infrequent cleaning of the tires. Of course, if you constantly leave your tires dirty then you can expect your tires to get a tinge of brown due to repeated exposure to dirt and oxidation.

But my point here is this: you can have clean tires and still get tire blooming. This is due to the fact that your tires are actually responsible for this mess.

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The Best Diesel Fuel Additive You Can Find In The Market

Until the late 20th century, diesel fuel additives were not so much of a hot topic. Due to the robustness and versatility of the diesel engine, suitable diesel fuel is made from a mixture of straight-run distinctive distillation elements. With the increasing demand for fuel, the demand for diesel fuel additives has also increased. Even though there is no particular definition of what exactly an additive is, the consensus is that an additive is something added at less than 1% w/w (i.e. 10,000 mg/kg or 10,000 ppm).

Owing to this low additive rate, the physical features of the fuel, as its volatility, viscosity, and density, do not change significantly.

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Dead Or Weak Battery? Here Is The Right Way To Jump Start A Car

It happens to the best of us. You turn the key and nothing happens. You are expecting the engine to start, but something weird happens. There are no lights on the console, and even the radio refuses to turn on.

If this is the case, then you are probably dealing with a dead or weak car battery. This is not a problem if you happen to be parked near a service station. Simply buy a new battery, have it installed in your car, and drive away.

But what if you are in the middle of nowhere, stranded in an empty parking lot? Your last hope will be to either call a towing service (which can be a bit expensive and could take ages to arrive) or to simply jump-start your car.

Jump starting a vehicle is not exactly rocket science, but there is a right way of doing it. Of course, you will need a sturdy pair of jumper cables to do the job. If you currently don’t have a set of jumper cables in your emergency kit, then now is the right time to buy one. Don’t wait for an emergency to happen before buying a quality set of jumper cables, even if you are driving a new car.

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The Best Jack Stands You Can Find In The Market

Cars break down, and when you are under the vehicle and repairing it, safety becomes the most important thing, both for you and for the automobile. There are a number of tools available in the market designed to ensure a safe working environment, and jack stands are among them.

One of the most obvious and common ways to keep yourself safe while lifting your car for repair is to ensure you have a good, high-quality floor jack. However, a floor jack alone can only help you so much. This is because floor jacks comprise moving parts that are prone to damage and wear, and they can become weak over time or outright fail with time and use. The scariest and most dangerous part about floor jack letdowns is they typically come in the form of a slow leak.

As such, they are infamous for slowly letting a vehicle down on top of someone as the hydraulics drop pressure and the risk situation is usually noticed once the damage has been done and it becomes too late to escape. This is exactly why it is never a good idea to crawl underneath your car when the only support it has is from a floor jack. So, what else should you do to make an elevated car safe to crawl under? The answer is simple: add a jack stand.

Jack Stands

Jack stands are the primary tools for preventing cars from collapsing and slipping by providing strong support. It is important to keep in mind that jacks stands are not 100% foolproof and it is therefore advised that you invest in at least two of the best jack stands. This way, should a car collapse, the stands will share the load over a larger area equally and thus prevent accidents. They are tripod or tower-shaped and designed to support the hefty weight of a mounted vehicle. They should be placed under the vehicle frame or axle to offer added support for a raised car.

After a vehicle is jacked up, the stands are put back in place and the car is lowered onto the stands. The saddle-shaped parts on jack stands are there to support the car axle. These stands should only be used on flat and hard surfaces and only for automobiles that fall under the weight limit of the stands.

You can find jack stands in different kinds and they are categorized by weight capacity and maximum height. Most of the time, the jack stand’s weight capacity is expressed in tons and the height in inches. Typically, they are sold in pairs and usually used in combination with floor jacks. The weight capacity of the stand can go from 2 tons to 25 tons. The height can range from 13 to 25 inches and can go as high as 6 feet.

**Below, you'll find our more detailed reviews, but you can also click the links above to see current prices or read customer reviews on Amazon.

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How To Clean The EGR Valve And Restore Engine Performance

When was the last time you cleaned the EGR valve in your car? The most common answer is probably ‘never’.

Do you have idling problems in your car? Do you encounter engine stalling, surging, and misfiring when the engine is cold? Then you might be looking at a dirty or clogged EGR valve.

I have a friend who spent close to a thousand dollars just to solve the idling problems in his car. The mechanic replaced the air filter, the MAF sensor, the spark plugs, and the fuel filter (in no particular order) to solve the problem. After all was said and done, my friend till had idling problems and poor engine performance.

He talked to me about the problem, and I quickly suggested inspecting the EGR valve. After a couple of hours tinkering with his car and getting our hands dirty, we started the car and behold! The idling problem was gone.

My friend was extremely thankful for the advice, so I decided to share the easy steps on how to clean the EGR valve. Give it a try, this might be the solution that your car is waiting for, especially if you’ve already exhausted each and every possible solution to remedy that pesky idling problem in your vehicle.

But first, here are some things you need to know about the EGR valve.

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